Roofing Additions

Have you made a recent addition to your home or are you planning to? Need to consider roofing additions for some other reason? Sunrise Roofing in Baton Rouge is happy to be able to help. We know how much thought, work, and care goes into planning an expansion, so we’re ready and willing to help with a wealth of experience in roofing additions.

Experience In Baton Rouge

Sunrise Roofing has been working on roofing additions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for many years now. After years of giving quotes, climbing on roofs, talking with customers, and actually putting new roofs on additions, we have it down to a science. We’ve also crafted a process that is as quick and efficient as possible without cutting any corners. This means as little intrusion into clients’ lives as is possible.

High Quality Roofing

There is no point in paying for low quality roofing. Ultimately, it will just cost you more due to repairs or costly issues months or years down the line. Sunrise Roofing in Baton Rouge only offers high quality roofing additions, because we know how important it is. Clients appreciate our commitment to high quality work the first time around!

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to get into contact with us if you have any questions about the costs, feasibility, or process we use for roofing additions in Baton Rouge. Call us at 225-272-2181 or email us atĀ